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Since 1918

Welcome to the site of the DSR-C, better known as the Delftsche Studenten Rugby-Club (Delft Student Rugby-Club), the oldest and most tradition rich rugby-club of the Netherlands. Our 1st team plays in de national top division at the moment. For this reason, the DSR-C provides the Jong Oranje (U-20 national squad) and the Dutch National Student team with talent each year. We also have a 2nd team in de 3rd division and for our new freshman players there is “Young Dog” Team. This rookie team participates in matches and tournaments against other rookie teams from other student associations through the whole country.
The nice thing about the DSR-C is that we combine high level rugby with student life. As part of the Delft Student Corps, is there besides intensive sporting also more than enough relaxing time. Once every two weeks, on Thursdays, we have a “dispuut”, where we go with all our team-mates to the Delft Student Phoenix Society to eat. This ends often with everybody heading to de Lorre disco. There are also loads of activities throughout the year, like training-weekends and FeCo.

The most legendary activity is the Thoer we have every year. This is a trip to a city in another country. Wearing kilts and clogs and equipped with crates filled with food and booze, we take over the city for a few days. It wouldn’t be surprising that we get more attention that any every local attraction together.

The training sessions are given by Michiel Snijders and are on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the fields of the sport center in Delft. We usually start off by practicing individual skills, and afterwards all the teams get together to practice with each other.

In short, the DSR-C has something to offer to everyone, there is place fro every type of player of every level, and also outside the fields there is enough to experience. Are you interested? Get in contact with us.