Young Dogs (Jonghe Honden)

Top level rugby starts on the lowest level of every club. Without new talents, the –Club can’t grow. That is why the “Young Dog” (YD) team (the first year students or rookies) are really important in the –Club. The team is made of both experienced and unexperienced players that make a very strong team each year. The YD training sessions are on Fridays and they are given by a coach only meant to train YD. The team participates in the Dutch student YD competition, and so every player gets a lot of experience on the field real quick. YDs may join training-sessions with the 1st en 2nd team at every moment, which helps get new players really fast to both our teams.

Because of the number of trainings and matches that our YD team has each year, it is easy to combine this with a busy student life. YDs also join the older players on every activity of the DSR-C, so there are always things to do. The highlight of their season for every new player is Thoer, where they can apply everything they learnt in the season in abroad.

In short, are you studying in Delft and you want to combine studying with practicing a sport? Or are you just interested in rugby? Get in contact with us:

David Wildöer
T: +31681916232